Daily Camps- Spring 2022

Daily Camps- Spring 2022
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1590 Goodlette Road
Naples, FL 34102, US
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Camp WILD Spring 2022

Spring Camp WILD is a daily camp! Camp WILD is designed for campers who are 5-10 years old. Each day is an opportunity for children to have fun and learn through informal, hands-on, inquiry-based activities including informative zoo tours, exciting animal encounters, collaborative teamwork, creative art and educational games. Camp immerses children in nature while fostering friendships and a love for the natural world.

Signs of Spring

Friday, March 11

Nature has many unique and wild ways to tell us it’s springtime!  Watch as flocks of native and migratory birds nest in the mangroves.  Observe pollinators as they drink the sweet nectar from newly budding flowers.  Learn from our zookeepers about our collection of animals, and how they change behaviors this time of year.  Explore the wild animals roaming around on zoo grounds, and  the beauty that comes with the changing seasons. 


Wildlife Watch

Monday, March 14

What better way to learn about animals than to connect with them at Camp WILD! Join us as we explore the world around us through scientific investigation. We will learn how to use a variety of learning tools, participate in community-based research projects, and develop miniature conservation projects of our own. We will meet with zookeepers, observe animals, conduct research and explore projects you can contribute to from the comfort of your own home. 


Birds and Blossoms

Tuesday, March 15

Springtime is a great time from flowers blooming to birds chirping. Come explore the important relationship between these two living creatures with us! Through art, science, and observations campers will learn about the birds and the flowers that flourish in the spring. Show off your creativity as we build bird houses, learn how to garden and so much more!


Guide to the Gulf

Wednesday, March 16

The Gulf of Mexico is a wondrous home to wildlife and animals, some smaller than the eye can see and others larger than a school bus! There are reptiles that swim thousands of miles and mammals that can tolerate the changing tides. Come learn about some of these amazing creatures that are our neighbors through engaging lessons, art activities, games, and more!


Spring Soundtrack

Thursday, March 17

Just like your favorite movie, nature has a soundtrack too! Listen  to the roars, squawks, howls, and whistles of the zoo throughout this fun-filled day. Learn about the zany noises that animals make, and why they make them!  Experience the primate expedition cruise, meet with zookeepers, and listen closely to identify some of our rowdy residents! 


Earth Day Every Day

Friday, March 18

Every day is a great day to appreciate our planet we call home. Join us in learning about what humans can do to help save the plants and animals that live here by using art, science projects, games, and more! Talk to zookeepers about the importance of animals to our environment, and how we can be better stewards of the planet. We only have one planet Earth, let’s learn how we can help take care of it!


Migration Nation

Monday, March 21

Some animals live in the same home their entire life, while others travel the globe, but why? Join us  as we investigate the wanderings of migratory animals like zebras, birds, and butterflies through art, mapping, and zoo exploration. Have fun acting out your favorite animal as you travel long distances while avoiding predators! 



Member: $55.00 per camper per day

Non-member: $65.00 per camper per day

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A cancellation notice must be given a minimum of one week prior to the scheduled program date in order to receive a full refund. If a cancellation notice is given less than one week from program start date, this will result in a fee of 50% of the total cost of the registration. Any participant who does not attend the program per the scheduled date and time, without notice to the Education Department, is considered a "no show" and no refund will be given.


1590 Goodlette-Frank Rd, Naples, Florida, 34102 View Map | Zooline: 239-262-5409