Daily Camps- Winter 2021

Daily Camps- Winter 2021
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Camp WILD Winter 2021

Winter Camp WILD is a daily camp! Camp WILD is designed for campers who are 5-10 years old.  Each day is an opportunity for children to have fun and learn through informal, hands-on, inquiry-based activities including informative zoo tours, exciting animal encounters, collaborative teamwork, creative art, and educational games.  Camp immerses children in nature while fostering friendships and a love for the natural world.


All about Bones

Monday, December 20

How does a giraffe stand so tall? Can an owl really turn its head in a full circle? Why do some animals walk on two feet and some on four? Join us in learning about the diversity in the bone structures of animals at the Zoo!  Discover the incredible world of bones and skeletons through biofact investigation, animal-themed games, and scientific activities that will have you excited to the bone!


Hibernation Station

Tuesday December 21

Seasonally, some animals just need to catch some extra Zzz’s. Learn about the different forms of hibernation, and the wide variety of animals that welcome this additional time for rest. Together we will learn about the hibernation of cold-blooded reptiles, discover the world of the sleepy bear, and more! Visit with Zoo animals, participate in scientific discovery, and share your findings with others around you!


Zookeepers and the Animals

Wednesday, December 22

Understanding animal behavior is a big responsibility of our zookeepers. This skill helps them care for the animals, learn the animal’s likes and dislikes, notice behavioral changes, and assess their overall health. Together we will learn about animal behavior and training. Take a glimpse into the world of zookeeping and animals through fun games, zookeeper encounters, animal visits and observations.


Primates Like Us

Thursday, December 23

Leaping lemurs, marvelous monkeys and amazing apes! Let’s pretend to be primates and learn about our relatives. Climb aboard the Primate Expedition Cruise to see the natural island habitats that our primates call home. Using tools and playing games is how many of these species live and learn, so let’s mimic them to see what a day in the life of a primate is all about!


Winter Warriors

Monday, December 27

Brrr...it’s cold out here! With winter comes temperature change, and some animals must use unique adaptations to survive! If a grizzly bear has fur to keep warm, does a lizard’s scales do the same? Where do birds go when the cool breeze blows? Join us to discover how mammals, reptiles, and birds adjust to the different winters in the wild, and how we prepare our animals here at the Zoo!   


CZI: Creature Zoo Investigation

Tuesday, December 28

Given a couple clues, could you identify an animal based on a few key characteristics? Learn to be a super sleuth in this Creature Zoo Investigation! Learn how to analyze the “clues” animals leave behind; blood, tracks, scat, and more! See how scientists identify animals with help from other features such as bone x-rays, teeth, fur, feathers, and scales.


Fur, Feathers, & Scales… Oh My!

Wednesday, December 29

Some of our favorite animals are masters of cryptic camouflage, strong defense, and ritualistic dance. Come learn how fur, feathers, and scales help play a unique role in species survival. Campers will use observation and investigation to explore the world of animal coverings. We will explore the zoo, meet animals, utilize scientific tools, and create art. 


Become a Citizen Scientist!

Thursday, December 30

What better way to celebrate "Visit the Zoo Day" than coming to explore with Camp WILD!? Join us as we discover the world of citizen science. Through scientific investigation we will learn how to use a variety of tools, participate in community-based projects, and develop miniature projects of our own. We will meet with zookeepers, observe animals, conduct research, and explore our Zooniverse!


Celebrate Zoo Year’s Eve!

Friday, December 31

Let the count down to the New Year begin! Join us for a roaring good time as we ring in the new year on a worldwide expedition and explore animals around the globe! Let’s learn about the places they call home, the people they share their environments with, and learn about cultural celebrations as their clock strikes midnight!


Feline Friends

Monday, January 3

Big cats are charismatic animals that draw the attention of many and are understood by few. Come learn about the cats that call Naples Zoo their home. Through zookeeper talks and animal observations, discover what these cats' lives are like at the Zoo. Learn about worldwide conservation efforts and the different ways you can help from home. 



Member: $55.00 per camper per day

Non-member: $65.00 per camper per day

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